Looking at different web design tools and possible plug-ins

Google Web Designer

When first looking at Google web designer it appears to be fairly straightforward to use. This, in my opinion, could potentially be a brilliant platform to collate and put all the content together. After doing more in-depth research it appears that this software comes with its limitations.

The pros:

  • It’s free. Software is open source
  • A reasonable interface.
  • Allows people to create, Banners and advertisements using animations and 3D transforms.
    • Using their graphical tools such as drawing, text, and 3D objects,
  • Easy to create animations. Users can animate these objects and events on a timeline using keyframes.
  • It could be useful for quick prototyping.

The cons:

  • People on reviews have said, “It’s not a web design application but an animated advertising tool.” Which is something to think about? If we decide to use it.
  • It appears that limitations will be key if using this software.
  • Unable to open HTML files not created by Web Designer.
  • Flash banners, which cannot be viewed on iOS devices.

A Review Statement https://www.sitepoint.com/google-web-designer-review/

It’s Not a Web Designer

Despite its name, this is not a typical web design application. Some marketing messages give that impression, but Google Web Designer is primarily a tool for creating CSS3 animations on HTML5-based adverts.

While it would be possible to create web pages, it’s not the right tool for the job. It doesn’t have text content creation features and won’t open .html files unless they were originally created using the application.

Google Web Designer is closer to an animation or video application. A more appropriate name would be Google Ad Designer.

Adobe Dreamweaver




  • There are many tutorials on how to get the most out of the software
  • Adobe Dreamweaver is available for mac OS and for Windows.


  • Costs, after a 30-day free trail, which would evidentially mean that this software would have to be purchased.

People have said it can be quite techniqual to use


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