Notes – News Story (Taxi Drivers fury)

I posted this on social media (Facebook and Twitter), this helped me to get comments and evoke conversations around the topic.

Taxi drivers are left furious because of construction and refurbish work taking place in Hull.

A taxi driver said, “It ridiculous, all this chaos created is just because of Hull City of Culture coming up.”

The City of Culture is fast approaching, in 2017, however, the town is like a big construction site. There is a huge hype that has been building up around the city. People are left wondering if the city will be finished in time.

The taxi driver added, “Think they haven’t been taking care of the people of Hull in all this. “It’s not fair on the people when a normal fare of £3.80 is now costing around double because of road closures or diversions”.

Waiting times are all strained and people are waiting much longer than they would be normally. This is making customers frustrated and sometimes late for their appointments.

Will it be finished in time ? Let’s hope and see


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