Radio workshop with Richard Horsman

Richard Horsman runs MA at Leeds Trinity.

He came in to do a workshop with us journalism students, to explain the effectiveness of the sound medium in society. Especially in media and journalism. He introduced us to key facts about radio and audio.

Key facts about radio and audio

  • Effective audio will move from the background into the foreground
  • 89% of people in the UK listen to the radio during the week. (93% in America)
  • In developing countries, people will gather to listen to the radio to receive important information. For instance, crop sales, weather etc.
  • 20% of Americans have heard a podcast this week (1 in 5). 1 in 11 people in the UK had heard a podcast this week.
  • Radio is a simple medium that is cheap and easy to produce.
  • There are more radio stations now than there had ever been
  • Biggest mass medium there is

Interviewing Techniques 

  • Putting an audio file into a story gives added interest to the reader – brings quotes to life
  • Go out and get a face to face interview. A telephone interview puts an additional barrier in the way. People are more likely to open up to you in a face to face situation.
  • Most important pers

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