Carmen’s Quiz

  1. What was the first magazine in the UK?                                                                                        The Gentleman’s magazine first published in 1731 in London. Edward Cave edited the magazine. It was the first general-interest publication
  2. What is B2B stand for?                                                                                                                                   B2B is Business to business refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.
  3. 3 example of B2B magazines?                                                                                                                    quartz – launched in 2012 publisher Kevin Delaney, The Economist, The business of fashion – launched 2007.
  4. How many consumer magazines are published in the UK?                                                             There are many different websites saying different answers from 442 – Press Gazette, Over 2000 – Media hub
  5. How many new magazines launched in the UK in 2015?                                                                         285 new magazines launched according to magazine market data PPA
  6. What are the circulation and reader profile of GQ magazine?                                                                readership – 399000, circulation – 117k (digital- average age -33 and same for online media kit.
  7. what is the different type of features?                                                                                                  interviews, reviews, how to do , columns, human interest
  8. when would a publication have a Christmas edition ready for the next year?                                                                                                 April/ March time at least three months in hand.


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