What are Features?

Features are a different style of writing, which humanises events or issues. They are a longer more in-depth style of writing in comparison to standard news stories. Journalists have much more freedom within their writing, it is much more expressive and often give opinions. Journalists tend to conduct much more extensive research into the subject matter for features. Research to this level would not be required for a simple report or news story.

Also, writing techniques and language styles differ from a news story style as news-based stories rely on facts and simple to the point language. Feature writing can be a much more conversational style, which tends to be much more of an informal way of writing. (colloquial language).

News stories follow the inverted pyramid structure. However, features can be written in many different structures depending on the subject matter and how the writer wants the content to be translated/ perceived to its audience.

What types of features are they?

  • Columns or Comment pieces
  • Interviews (1st or 3rd person)
  • Reviews
  • How to do sections

and many others



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