Creative Futures – Woman DPS

For this task, I have been asked to create a 2 page woman’s magazine. We don’t have to write or come up with the content as this is provided along with 3 images.  The text will need to be subedited as there are errors. We have been asked to export the final product as a PDF file and Print out a copy.

To create my DPS I followed the mandatory elements of font sizes and font type face. I didn’t use all of the quotes as it would have looked like too much on the page. As there were only 3 images I changed them into a PNG format after working with them in Photoshop and attached the quotes with the images available. If i had longer on this project i would have looked at the other quotes in depth and possibly used them.

Reflection of Design

I really enjoyed my first year, especially the creative aspects. I felt it was challenging but at the same time, I had some knowledge of the softwares we used. There has definitely been a growth in my knowledge and I want to carry on developing the skills to become even better.

The best part of the year in this part of the course was the typography light work. It opened my eyes to letting the imagination run wild and if something doesn’t go exactly to plan then it’s not the end of the world. You learn from it and reflect on what went wrong so you don’t do it again.

Over the next two years I want to develop this side to creative journalism more as I feel this is a possible avenue for me to go down in a career path. It is fun, doing the research and the digital mock ups, in comparison to the more theoretical side of journalism.

Moving Forward with Watergate Project

If I had more time, I would have definitely cleaned up some of the design elements on the double page spreads. Such as the rope it appears to be floating in mid air and I wanted it to appear like it was hanging off the “G”. Also the tomatoes have white particles in them so I would off spent more time working on them in Photoshop. I would also have done more research and explorations into the different paper sizes and why they are used for different things.

Also I would have liked to have explored more creative processes to see what I could do .I really enjoy the design aspect of the course as it allows the mind to run wild.

New version to Council meeting story

Locals Apply for License to Sell and Serve food

A Hull café owner has been illegally trading for the past two months in Beverley road.

Mr Abdullah Genc, the owner, was proposing to sell food and drink after 11pm.

This has caused uproar in the community, as residents are unhappy about the appeal for the license, which will allow Mr Genc to keep open until 4am, as the levels of anti social behavior and noise in the area is already high.

Resident Miss Dawn Snowball said: “The noise is so bad in the area, it keeps us awake. My partner is a driving instructor and has caused him to cancel sessions due to lack of sleep.”

The premises are currently used as an adult social club where people go play cards, dominoes and socialise.

On 31 April 2016 Mr Genc applied for a license to legally be allowed to stay open until 4am each morning. Also so food and drinks can provide during these hours.

Humberside Police has recommended rules for the owner if granted the license. Including, no alcohol and that all food to be eaten on site. Also people under the ages of 18 must leave before 11pm

Many other residents are already unhappy about the current noise levels in the area with people hanging around on the streets.

Fellow traders Mr and Mrs Brine shared their concerns. Mrs Brine said: “At the moment noise levels are quite high with male groups congregating on the pavements on the street corner.”

Hull City Council has postponed the application because of the illegal trading. Mr Genc has been advised to take legal advice so he understands what he needs to gain the license and operate in this country.


Key notes

Mrs and Mr Brine have written to the Hull licensing committee asking that their first names do not be disclosed and what shop they own. When speaking to them they asked for the same level of privacy.

Work Experience

Within my first year as a Journalist student, I have been unable to do work experience due to my disability needs. I require support like a PA, to help me with anything I need help with. At the moment, I am trying to get a personal assistant, but have been unsuccessful as of yet. I really want to be able to fulfil the requirements of the course, however, without the level of support needed may be an issue. Over the summer, I will be continuing to try and get the correct support in place ready for my second year. I have spoken to my tutors about the issues surrounding access and support needs and hopefully will find a way for me to be able to continue in my degree.