Podcast – Assignment Reflection

Over this assignment I was able to be creative and put my personality into a final product. I really thought that been able to develop and create a podcast was a really interesting task and made me more aware of the importance of sound quality and the technologies that can help you to manipulate and change a piece of work. this could help to make it much more interesting.

Things that I found difficult, was the accessibility of getting out and about to an event. This meant the task was limited to what i could actually produce. I am trying to get funding for a racing chair to help me with my dreams of potentially getting to a competitive standard. This is the key to my podcast. I hired talent to do the presenting as i would be required to do a interview.

Another thing i found challenging was the jingle element of the task. Just wasn’t sure where to take it or how to produce it to a high quality.

To improve the overall product, I would have more varietions of content so that I had more to choose from later when editing. Also managed the sound levels better so that it was more consistent.

What i enjoyed was the fact that we was immersed into using new softwares that are industry standard.

My podcast turned out well. I managed to get within 10% of the time length required. I am fairly pleased as I chopped lots of silent pauses out. Some of the sound quality wasn’t perfect due to pops, crackles and background noise.

For this assignment I used a Zoom H2N dictaphone and another dictaphone. The sound quality would have been more professional if I was able to use a quieter location like the sound studios. Unfortunately, the only times I could have done the interviews the sound studios were either closed or in use by other sessions going on.

I managed to include mandatory elements on the brief. Including a jingle, introduction, interviews.


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