InDesign Project – Creativity Techniques

Creation of Light Beams

  • Set up a document page in photoshop
  • Set the background to black
  • Made a new layer
  • Used the rectangle marquee tool and draw a rectangle downwards
  • Click shift delete the fill pallet pops up
  • Set use to 50% grey, click ok and deselect
  • Go to the filter dropdown bar and render (click fibers)
  • I changed the Variance (4) and Strength (36) click ok
  • Then go to filter, blur and motion blur
  • Set the Distance to 250 pixels and the angle 90 degree up and down blur (click ok)
  • Apply layer mask and click the gradient tool and click the 2nd box in on the pallet
  • Mask out the top layer by holding shift and dragging down
  • Once done go the the layer mask and drag to bin (the masked area stays)
  • Press CMD and T to free transform and rotate the shape to the angle required
  • Right click on the shape and go to distort (then move corners in to make a triangle shape at the top.
  • Go to image adjust (hue and saturation making sure the colourise box is ticked)
  • Select colour required
  • Then if wanted duplicate layer to make more versions of the light beam.
  • Make the circle place on floor to make the light seem to hit the floor. Use the elliptical marquee tool and create a squished circle. Fill shape with same colour of beam
  • Filter, blur, gausian blur, set Radius to 15 and click ok this make the round edges not so sharp
  • Also you can add text if wanted (making shadows to reflect the light bounce)

This was the outcome when I followed my notes step by step. I will then place this into my Indesign file.

Spot Light Practice.png


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