Immersive Web Presentation – Script (analysis)

The 5 websites I chosen to do my presentation on where:

Nespresso Naora

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 22.26.54.png

The Nespresso Naora website is really interesting; it is a great example of an immersive online experience. When you go onto the page, it instantly has things like moving images and zooms through the different parts of the page. Type appears and fades away. Once on it is set out so viewers can have more then one way to navigate around the page. For instance, through a scroll system or call buttons and through the banner. This website allows users to follow the information in both linear and a none linear way. There are also personalised settings like to change the language of the site, mute sounds and even outer pages to go shopping for brand items.

The page tells a story of what the product is, where it is produced, how long the process takes. There’s sounds, videos and images all over the site. Just giving out all the information people may want to know or may find interesting. The fonts used are really simple and easy to read this is a bonus to the site as it allows ease and for individuals to digest the information embedded within the site. The colours are bright, and create the ideas of a luxury brand which people will buy into. All of the different elements make this site really enjoyable for the viewers.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 22.43.58.pngSnowfall is a really interesting site, it is done in a long form format. This means that there is lots of text. To break it up what the site has done is include, social media links, videos, photos, sound clips and moving images. The writing is in a really simple but affective font. It allows people to take in the mass of the text. The key interactive parts of the site really immerse the viewers as it keeps them seeing something new. The images give the content a humanised feel and draws people in. The banner is great as it allows you to embed information elsewhere, on social media, emails etc. Also a chance to change language to your personal preferences. I also allows viewers to move in a none linear away and skip parts they may not be interested in. The colour scheme is basic but matches the content. The website really tells a story.

The Latvian and Holocaust Museum

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 23.09.07.png

This website is my favourite of the websites I looked at. It is so immersive and gripping. The content tells the story of people who survived the holocaust. There are lots of different interactive elements on the site like hover over buttons, call buttons, Maps, sound clips, video, many images and key text. The best part of the website is the ‘Walk Among Memories’ it uses ‘Google Maps’ to show viewers the different places of where the camps where and where the guards stayed etc. When you find a specific area in the map image appears along with text and audio this adds more dimension to the website as it tells a story about the heritage and history. I think the colour scheme added tension with bold red and dark greys. It told the viewer this was a dark period in history. This site really pulled at the heartstrings as the imagery humanises the content and makes you feel like that could be someone you know.


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 23.20.57.png

This is a health and fitness website. I personally believe that the design is very simple but gives the viewers a good immersive experience as it is clean having navigation and screen changes. Small amounts of information on the home page is useful as people read differently on a website.It allow people to buy fitness product and call buttons and pull down bars make the buying process simple. Also there are a wide range of hover over buttons. This is generally an image and if you hover over text will appear. This would appeal to a much more niche target audience with it being health and fitness and a buying site.

Qbit technologies

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 23.37.50.png

The last website I chose was Qbit technologies. According to the website Qbit is an Innovation Lab that focuses in creating links between research on new technologies and businesses. They  Specialise in Virtual Reality, 3D Immersive Experiences, 3D Training Simulations, 3D Serious Games, Virtual Assistants, Virtual Worlds and Immersive Technologies in general. There is so much going on in the site, for instance, it has symbols, images, virtual gaming aspects, videos, maps, sound clips, hovering buttons and much more. This would appeal to a specific audience like the last website I spoke about, this is because gaming is not for everyone. The language reflects this with using gaming language that you wouldn’t necessarily know otherwise.

InDesign Project – Creativity Techniques

Creation of Light Beams

  • Set up a document page in photoshop
  • Set the background to black
  • Made a new layer
  • Used the rectangle marquee tool and draw a rectangle downwards
  • Click shift delete the fill pallet pops up
  • Set use to 50% grey, click ok and deselect
  • Go to the filter dropdown bar and render (click fibers)
  • I changed the Variance (4) and Strength (36) click ok
  • Then go to filter, blur and motion blur
  • Set the Distance to 250 pixels and the angle 90 degree up and down blur (click ok)
  • Apply layer mask and click the gradient tool and click the 2nd box in on the pallet
  • Mask out the top layer by holding shift and dragging down
  • Once done go the the layer mask and drag to bin (the masked area stays)
  • Press CMD and T to free transform and rotate the shape to the angle required
  • Right click on the shape and go to distort (then move corners in to make a triangle shape at the top.
  • Go to image adjust (hue and saturation making sure the colourise box is ticked)
  • Select colour required
  • Then if wanted duplicate layer to make more versions of the light beam.
  • Make the circle place on floor to make the light seem to hit the floor. Use the elliptical marquee tool and create a squished circle. Fill shape with same colour of beam
  • Filter, blur, gausian blur, set Radius to 15 and click ok this make the round edges not so sharp
  • Also you can add text if wanted (making shadows to reflect the light bounce)

This was the outcome when I followed my notes step by step. I will then place this into my Indesign file.

Spot Light Practice.png