Font Catalogue for DPS

For the front page I want to use:

  • Times new roman – different elements of the stand first to be different sizes
  • Apple chancery  – main headline – because it has the desired G to hang the noose off

For all other pages :

  • ExpoXY histoRy or fonts created myself for the headlines
  • Post it note writing will be in American Typewriter and names in bold and a size 18 instead of 16pt
  • Times new roman for body copy – 10pt or above depending where placed on the page. (Pull out quotes will be in red and larger to the body copy on the page)

The reason behind these fonts are that they are easy to read, so instantly gives the dps credibility. Also, because the fit in with the narrative of the text for instance, American typewriter is symbolic as it is about americans and about how journalist took down a president.



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