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First Humberside Boat Jumble Takes Place in Hull

This morning traders and boats travelled to Hull and arrived at the Lightstream Stadium. Gates where open to the public at 10am. The public started arriving around 10am with high hopes of finding interesting items at fair prices.

The Boat Jumble has lots of different stalls, where trader are selling new and used items. There is a huge variety of traders selling everything from a boat to a fishing fly.

A photo posted by Chelsea (@chelseasparke1) on Apr 17, 2016 at 2:37am PDT

“We have been running boat jumbles throughout the country for nearly 25 years. A boat jumble is a dedicated marine market providing new and used nautical goods.” Said One of the organisers.

It is the first time this event has taken place in Hull. Carlton Towers is the normal site where the event is held. But with the weather over the last few days being damp and wet the land wasn’t suitable.



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