Reflection on Final Video

For my video assignment, the story I chose to cover in the end was the new boxing club that has opened up in Hull.

General views are prominent in my piece as I want to create a fast paced montage showcasing different angles and footage. I have two interviews within the final edit. In total I did 5 but had to pick only the best content due to time restrictions. I also did an introduction (PTC) and sign off. Included an infographic with quotes and titles.

In my opinion this story would be typically seen towards the back of a news bulletin as it’s not major like a accident or crime etc. but it has still had a huge impact of a specific area in Hull. I don’t think it would be right at the end as more light hearted stories would go there. This news story is upbeat and of public interest in the area.

Overall, I feel the project went well and that I had an extensive amount of footage to choose from. This helped me to have enough high quality content and so I didn’t have to use bits I wasn’t satisfied with. Within this assignment I tried to incorporate all the techniques we have gone over in the previous sessions. For instance, 180 degree rule, composition, variety and rule of thirds.

There are improvements that i could have done in my opinion. This would be to re do the first PTC again as the background wasn’t the best. Also the exporting cut of the end of the word at the end. Also the sound quality on the interviews could have been improved. I did use Audacity and Adobe Audition to try and get rid of the background noises you hear.


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