Issue’s Still Occurring and Software Limitations

After, what happened yesterday. I wanted to try and add more to the timeline I have started on Malala Yousafzai. Login in my account was an issue again so had to rest my password on the account.

Once I was able to login, I noticed some limitations with the software. For instance;

  • You can’t flick from one point in the time to another. It only follows the order placed in the timeline.
  • When placing a piece of information onto the timeline, it is limited to one picture, video or tweet per section. This isn’t great as I wanted to show different angles of the topic. Both with images and videos.

Because of this I had to split up content to different sections in the timeline. This increased the amount of negative space within the page.

  • Design of the page is also limited. For instance; colours and fonts.This seems to be a generic design.

If there was options to change these settings, I would. It would allow me to consider how I wanted the audience to receive the content.


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