Council Meeting Notes

Young Cafe, are looking to get a license giving them a late night trade.

Young’s cafe in Hull is down beverley road and sells coffee, biscuits, bread, muffins , etc.

Premises owner – Mr Abdullah Genc – speaks very little english and relies on his son to translate.

Applying for a licence to offer late night refreshments but already have been for the past two months illegally. This means they have broken the law.

Non-alcoholic refreshments, and children to be off the premises by 11pm.

Trading has been taking place between 4pm-4am, They said their busiest time is 11pm

Residents are not happy about the disruptions caused by drunk people on the streets and groups of men hanging around on the street corners.

The Son of the owners said they are not from here but people think they are. He also mentioned he doesn’t feel like they have done anything wrong claiming they pay there fees.

The business was signed over to Mr Genc 6 months ago but only have been trading for the past 2 months.

The premises were used for an adult social club – playing cards, dominoes etc. letting the older generation have somewhere to have a laugh and somewhere they could socialise with others.

The meeting was postponed so that the owners could get legal advice and the councillors made it clear that they where not to trade after 11pm.

Because of the meeting been postponed the applicant said they will be bringing a solicitor next time.

Myself and another student went along to this meeting. Notes maybe the same.


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