Statement of Intent for Indesign

For this assignment, I want to use a piece of writing on the Watergate Scandal. This is because it was really influential and helped to make print much more interesting and helped to bring down a president. I will use key facts and information and place them into indesign. We where told that we were to use body copy that already exists. InDesign is a great tool that many professionals use.

I want to use Colour in the page designs to help key facts stand out. I plan on using just three as this is what newspapers generally use. I think if any more will be used it will end up looking childish and not as visually appropriate. The three colours I intend to use are Black, White and reds. Use fonts that are easy to read. I will also use images to give the page more of a visual aid and backs up the writing.

Council Meeting News Story (Draft)


Applicants who were proposing a Late Night Café in Hull have been illegally trading for the passed 2 months. Now are seeking to get a License to sell and serve food after 11pm.  Shop owner Mr Genc, wants the premises to be open till 4am each night. The premises are currently used as an adult social club where people go play cards, dominoes , etc. Over the last 2 months they have been open 4pm till 4am.

Humberside Police, have set out their conditions if granted the License. Some of these consist of No alcohol to be consumed on premises, people under the ages of 18 must leave at 23:00 hours and Food only to be consumed on the site.

Fellow traders Mr and Mrs Brine shared there concerns saying “at the moment noise levels are quite high with male groups congregating on the pavements on the street corner”

Many other Residents are unhappy about the noise levels in the area with anti social behaviour taking place.

Resident Miss D. Snowball states “the noise is so bad in the area, it keeps us awake, My partner is a driving instructor and has caused him to cancel sessions due to lack of sleep”

The Hull City Council Licensing Committee, has postponed the application due to there findings. Mr Genc has been advised to take legal advice on the matter.


Council Meeting Notes

Young Cafe, are looking to get a license giving them a late night trade.

Young’s cafe in Hull is down beverley road and sells coffee, biscuits, bread, muffins , etc.

Premises owner – Mr Abdullah Genc – speaks very little english and relies on his son to translate.

Applying for a licence to offer late night refreshments but already have been for the past two months illegally. This means they have broken the law.

Non-alcoholic refreshments, and children to be off the premises by 11pm.

Trading has been taking place between 4pm-4am, They said their busiest time is 11pm

Residents are not happy about the disruptions caused by drunk people on the streets and groups of men hanging around on the street corners.

The Son of the owners said they are not from here but people think they are. He also mentioned he doesn’t feel like they have done anything wrong claiming they pay there fees.

The business was signed over to Mr Genc 6 months ago but only have been trading for the past 2 months.

The premises were used for an adult social club – playing cards, dominoes etc. letting the older generation have somewhere to have a laugh and somewhere they could socialise with others.

The meeting was postponed so that the owners could get legal advice and the councillors made it clear that they where not to trade after 11pm.

Because of the meeting been postponed the applicant said they will be bringing a solicitor next time.

Myself and another student went along to this meeting. Notes maybe the same.