Page Layouts

InDesign is really useful whether you want to create broadsheets, tabloids, Berliner or even magazines. The software settings are really easy to use and allow users to change features to suite there project. The possibilities are endless, as the documents can be any size required, margins and spacing’s are adaptable.

All magazines and newspapers have similarities. For instance,

  • Headlines – title to the story
  • Stand first – the intro to the story, explaining what the story is and who wrote it. Draws the reader into the story
  • Images – picture to subject, adds visual aids to the story
  • Pull quotes – key facts or pieces of information that are larger than the main text
  • Captions – text under a picture explaining what it is or who took it
  • Body copy – the main story

When creating anything using this software I will have to make sure I follow the structuring of a page, in order for me to produce a high standard product. If I have all the bullet points ticked off then I know I’m on the right lines of success.


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