Key controls and pallets

The window menu contains your palette of tools. When using the software, I will be need this for text wrap, stroke (borders on boxes), colour palettes, layers and more.

The object menu contains tools that are applied to specific objects on the page such as arrange, transform, effects.

Making the page appear bigger. Zoom in or out by (bigger ctrl- / smaller ctrl=)

Selection tool (top arrow tool) letter V (use this for most selections)

Direct selection tool (arrow tool beneath) letter A (use this for changing the shape of frames, or for moving photographs within the frame)

Text box tool – letter T (click and drag to draw text box. Type or paste into it.)

Picture frame tool – Crossed box tool

To insert a picture into a frame: Ctrl d

To make the picture fit the frame: Ctrl shift alt e

To resize with correct proportions: Direct selection tool, click on photo (not the box frame), shift and click on a frame tab, drag to resize

To undo. Click Ctrl z (as many times as necessary)

To arrange (send to back, bring forward) Use the Selection tool, right click on object, arrange

To add rounded corners to a frame. Draw frame, selection tool, click, object menu, corner options

To add effects like transparency or directional feather. Click on object, object menu, effects


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