Document Intent

When creating anything it is important to understand the purpose and intent for it. For this task I have to create a document for print purposes and for the web. This is stated in the brief.

However, if I was just to create a document for a different reason. I need to consider, where the document will be published. This is so that I match the presets to what I want. If it is for online then the colours pallets will be RGB – short for red, green and blue. If I want a document purely for print then it will be CMYK. In a previous post I have gone into more detail about colour presets.

Also another thing when creating a document is that you have the right page size, number of pages and orientation. This is a fairly straight forward point to make however, when practicing I didn’t have enough pages and was unsure about how to add more. There will be a control that you can use however, when you’re a beginner or don’t know short controls it is better to set it right to start with.

The Gutter the centre of a two page spread (where the staples would be) or the margins between columns or guides. It is crucial that you don’t put text to close to the gutter. Imagine if you was reading a magazine and the curve of the middle part of the double page spread. If the writing was to close it would make it incredibly difficult to read and may even seem like it’s chopped off letters. It doesn’t give a document good readability for the viewer.


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