Deconstruction of a magazine double page spread (Kerrang)

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 22.40.27

The main image on the page is of the lead singer of the band. It is a medium shot as it shows the singer holding the microphone and stand. The image is really strong as it instantly tells the audience what the theme of the magazine double page spread is about. The image that has been used has been specifically tailored to be in black and white, this is so the audience are aware that the style of music is rock. The black and white tones help viewers to look at the whole image and not get distracted by a specific thing. The image also has lots of detail in it and in colour it wouldn’t have the same effects on the layout design.

The page content has a separate column that in encased in a different graphic box and colour. This stands out as a sidebar/ article. This promotes the band’s music tracks.

Supporting images are prominent of the pages of the spread. Supporting images are smaller than the main image but bring more visuals to who the band are and what there about. These supporting images have been used over both of the pages.

Graphics and typography have been used within this double page spread as it highlights specific information that the journalist wants you to get out of the article. For instance the ‘World Exclusive’ icon at the top left hand side of the page emphasises the importance of this article as it is unique and exclusive to Karrang magazine. This makes the readers feel very special because only they know the information given in the article, this also makes the readers feel privileged.

Colour schemes are an important part of a magazine layout as this is the first of thing the audience see. This gives the article visual aid and draws the audience in. In this double page spread there is a consistent colour scheme that has been used throughout. The main background is a black, with white writing in front and elements of red writing and boxes. Because the writing is white on a dark background makes it easy to read and makes it eye catching for the audience. The red gives the page another dimension and makes specific things stand out and makes the double page spread more visually interesting. The red writing corresponds well with the band and the magazine style as it is very much punk and rock.

The colours used give off connotations of the genre of music being talked about been dark, angry, loud and exciting.

The title comes across like it is a quote that one of the band members have stated. The language is very direct to what the readers of the article will understand as Kerrang use this same style throughout most of their articles, this is why this article was best suited to of been placed within this magazine.

The title has been slanted and placed slightly over the gutter this helps to interlink the pictures with the article. They font style looks like it has been worn out that is the affect. This matches the punk theme… ‘THE BEST MCR’ has been enlarged and highlighted in white, that gives a more informal mode of address and the red font contrasts this mode of address.

Chelsea (2012). Writing for magazine, previous work on the topic Guidelines for guidelines. St Marys Sixth form, Hull on “2012”.

After, looking at a magazine layout I Feel that I can identify where and how they have used key features in order for creation. Also can look deeper into why news distributors have styled, the page and content to fit a target audience and a product.

When doing the current task at hand, I will look where I place content, colour schemes and page positioning closer as it can make or break a piece of work.


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