Reflection on filming (issues occurred)

Before, going to film I checked all equipment and noticed a few issues with it. one the camera battery had gone dead over the time  borrowed. I didn’t use the equipment at any time prior so it was surprising to find it dead. also, the sound equipment kept popping out the SD card so had to hold the bottom when filming. it did capture the sound however, it wasn’t to the best equality though.

I needed to capture something as Emma wants to see evidence of us doing the assignment. I ended up having to use my Canon camera when filming. It isn’t as high spec as the one I borrowed but at least, I had something to show when back off easter.

There was also a few issues with the location of filming, I did a recce of the building before going and it looked fine (big enough space). however, once all the people and coaches started to train the space became really small and difficult for me to get around and into spaces. I captured as much footage as I could but I didn’t get all the shots I wanted. plus space wasn’t big enough to always use a tripod so some of the footage had slight movements.

I know realise what I could have done better, I will have to stick with what content I have for this assignment as it will be difficult to get back to the training sessions.

There are a few positives to come out of the project. I gained valuable contacts which are going to inform me of things happening in Hull in the upcoming months. Also, have more of an understanding of how important space and location is.


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