Sound Production Schedule

Week 1 – Introduction to brief and discussions on potential ideas

Week 2 – Brainstormed Ideas more in-depth and narrowed the possible ones down. Contacted relevant people and asked them for an interview or to arrange when to help out. Arranged dates and times to meet up.

Week 3 – Prepared interview questions and a script for the Podcast. Also looked at sound equipment to decide which was the most suitable for the task.

Week 4 – Conducted Interview with Interviewee and Got talent to record their part in the project

Week 5-  Looked for appropriate royalty free music and edited a Jingle together and started to edit the sound tracks in Adobe Audition.

Week 6 –  Carried on editing sound tracks in Adobe Audition. This helped to make the quality better and cleaner.

Week 7 – Creating Jingle and Background sound tracks (place all content in running order on Pro Tools) Place all of the sound files together on a timeline.

Week 8 – made sure everything is on the timeline in ProTools and that it is alright and export the finished podcast to a WAV file.