Reflection on Woodward and Bernstein

Woodward and Bernstein were both responsible for reporting on the Watergate scandal in 1970’s.

The Watergate scandal was political sabotage, of the Democratic National Committee. Wire –tapping and breakings were reported by the Journalists. This was interesting when reported as it became public knowledge of the scandals and the secrets of the political powers.Woodward and Carl Bernstein are two of the more influential and important journalists in the 20

Woodward and Carl Bernstein are two of the more influential and important journalists in the 20th Century. The outcome of both Journalists helped to bring down the US president at the time Richard Nixon and led him to resign in 1974.

Both journalists would not have been able to achieve bringing down the scandal and revealing key information if it wasn’t from an anonymous source. The anonymous source went by the name of Deep Throat. If the real identity was known at the time the source could have faced prosecution and would have been in incredible trouble. He had anonymity for over 30 years, but into 2005 Mark Felt, who was former deputy director of the CIA, admitted he was the Deep throat.

For me as a journalist, I find the past events that have helped to shape journalism and bring down those in power incredibly interesting. If these events happened in today’s society I doubt it would have the same impact as it did in the 19th century. In the session, this was a focus of conversation, what our thoughts were.  The media today has different styles of writing. For instants, truth, misinformation, and pure nonsense. We shouldn’t believe everything we read.


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