Problems Faced

Once all scripts, plans, and interviews were set up to happen, I got the required equipment and support staff put in place for me to go and film the video. I needed to film my PTC’s, interviews with staff and vox pops.

On Monday 21st, I and my assistant went to film at the location. Once we got there we were told that we weren’t allowed to film on the site as it is privately owned by St Stephen. I went to speak to someone at St Stephens and the Guy said: ” The trader has gone too far, his contract was only for 3 months and he has been here a lot longer, we don’t want to comment and we do not grant permission for you to film hear.”, ” we feel that the issue has been dealt with and don’t want members of the public to start commenting again if they see you filming then people will want to know why.”

As I could film meant that my project was not completed. I need to come up with an alternative newsworthy story quickly as time is running out fast. I need to submit something.


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