Evaluation on Semester 2 of CATS

Over the last semester we have been introduced to some of the most interesting, important and influential journalists, photographers and photojournalists.

Some of the people we looked at in sessions were:

  • Joseph Pulitzer
  • John Pilger
  • Martin Bell
  • Emily Bell
  • Don McCullin

and Woodward and Bernstein

I also conducted independent research on

  • Mike Brodie
  • Lynsey Addario
  • Ade Adepitan
  • Ernie Plye

and Rageh Ommar

I thought this semester was really insightful and interesting learning about all the different backgrounds and works of these professionals. This is the line of work I want to go into so it gave me some insight to who the pioneers are in the field.

Many of the topics we covered in the sessions and through the independent research, wasn’t what I expected to have learned about. For instance, how the media manipulates its audiences to thinking a certain way. This is because they can show one side to a story. This made me realise that a story never ends at what the media tell us. We can dig deeper to find out more information.

I really enjoyed learning about the lengths each of the professionals went to in order to fulfil their job roles and what impacts they each had on journalism as a whole.

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