Reflection on Subject specific branding

Depending on what part of the creative media sector individuals go in, there brand identity can be influenced a certain way that reflects what they do. For instance, people who work in animation may use a graphic in there logo. Or journalist will use typography within their designs. If you tailor your brand identity to your chosen career then it speaks volumes and makes viewers aware of what field your involved in. it makes it much more personal and gives it a create flare depending on the approach. Some will just use type, some just a graphic and others additions.

I looked at some logos within the creative industry im going into and I found that a lot or even most of them just used text. The fonts were different but to individuals tastes. Everyone I looked at used san serif and serif fonts. These fonts are easy to understand and are well known. None of the brands used swirls or really had to understand details. This is because they get straight to the point and want to make it as user friendly as possible. Colours played a massive role in a large percentage of the brands this helps individuals put their stamp on the text and allows them to stand out above others.


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