Theorist’s on Semiotics of Indetity

When conducting independent research. I came across the Triadic semiotics model which analysis of semiotics and meanings. I felt that I needed to some more research into this as it may give me an me understand the difference between signs and representations. I more in-depth to who came up with the model and what the model is.

Branding is so useful as it becomes a visual trigger for consumers. This means that the brain can take in data and get familiar with what they have seen. Consumers use vision to gain mental representation and emotional connections.

Charles Sanders Pierce

Charles was a philosopher back in the 18th to 19th Century. He was American and was born in Cambridge City in Massachusetts.

Charles Sanders Peirce’s Semiotics – The Triadic Model

This model focuses on the analysis of meaning interpretations. It analysis signs and semiotics more closely. There is three key parts to the theory – interpretant,  representamen, and an object.


Under each key part – there are 3 more subheadings. For instance:

  • Sign and Representation 
    • Sign
    • Laws
    • Quality
  • Object – beyond the sign to which it refers
    • Icon –  Representative of a symbol
    • Symbol – Means of convention
    • Index – Expressions
  • Interpretant – The part of the model that looks at Senses
    • Rheme – The mental concept
    • Direct Fact – Self explanatory
    • Argument – The reason

By looking at this model it helped me understand how I need to analyse a piece of visual journalism. This will help me to gain a much better understanding to the denotations and connotations of something. For my own identity, I will  explore what the icon/graphic represents, what is the quality – ie colours used and communicate a direct portrait of myself and what I’m about.


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