Reflection on Joeseph Pulitzer

In a recent session we looked at Joseph Pulitzer. He played an enormous role in shaping journalism. Many things we still see today. In modern day society we still see many things that was pioneered and championed by Pulitzer. For instance, the sports section etc. Pulitzer is one of the most recognised and most influential journalists of all time.

Some people have different thoughts on Joseph Pulitzer. Some believe he was a legend for pioneering lots of things and shaping journalism. Some are not in favour with what he accomplished.

The reasons some people are not a massive fan of Pulitzer is the fact he

  • Covered stories which wasn’t factual (true). Yellow journalism is what you call it. As a journalist it is the duty to provide the audience with factual and accurate content.
  • He shaped journalism into a darker era. Having negative and dark stories. I feel that had news stories are so prominent now a days and it is causing the world to get desensitised by what we see and read. This is not good as it stops people getting emotionally connected to the content.

The reasons why others believe he is one of the greatest journalist ever

  • He at the age of just 25 he owned and as editor of a newspaper called the St Louis Post Dispatch.
  • He championed the poor. He tackled assailing governments, corruption, wealth, tax dodgers and gamblers.
  • He took over The New York world newspaper
  • He founded the Columbia Journalism School – this is where a lot of the most influential and most recognised journalists go.
  • he introduced new things into papers that hadn’t been seen before
  • first newspaper to have a sports section
  • use of large pictures
  • selling advertising in his newspaper
  • covered crimes
  • he started to put games (crosswords) and contests

There are pros and cons to Joseph Pulitzer’s achievements. But people can deny him of his achievements over his life time. He did things maybe which others wouldn’t that’s why his name is well known.

Since, he died there have been many accolades for him. Like The Pulitzer prise it is what every journalist aspires to get as it is a sign of great achievements within the journalism field.

From this session I will take away valuable knowledge that with whatever I do as a journalist, I won’t be able to please all. All I can do is follow my moral ways of been a truthful and factual journalist. This will make people respect, trust and will help me to uphold a credible reputation in the industry. I really like the ideas of the NUJ code of conduct as they are what all journalists so strive to follow.

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