Writing for Speech

In the session we all were given key facts to a piece of news. We were asked to write a script using the facts. The script became the building blocks for use to have voice training. We practised and got feedback each time.

First Attempt

Local family of four told they must leave the country. The Caverna family originally from New Jersey came to the UK to work. Now eight years on the family are told they must leave when there visa runs out in August.

Vaughn Caverna “we’ve had eight incredible years and don’t want to leave” The Caverna’s are extremely sad to leave as they have invested over £100,000 into the country at the Craft and Bee, North Ferriby.

The feedback I got was that the script could have been stronger. With practice I could have made it more professional. Also when reading it I didn’t emphasis key words and rushed through it. This is because I was nervous and peers where listening to me.

Second attempt

Local family of four are Devastated after been told they must leave the country.

Now eight years on the family are sad to leave when their visas expire in august.

They have a very successful Local family business in North Ferriby and have invested over £100,000 over the years into it.

Sound bite (VT of the parents saying how sad they are)

I felt this time around the script reflected that for speech. It was more condensed and key words in bold where the ones I emphasised. I still need to work on my speed and delivery and work on really projecting my voice.


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