Voice Traning – Audio Production

In today’s session with Cat Hepple, we went over key skills and techniques that can help to create a better quality sound project. For my sound and Video Journalism assignments this is crucial as I am expected to develop and create high professional soundbites for either radio or broadcast. To make my products sound better I had to go through voice coaching.

This session was incredibly useful as it helped me gain a better understanding on the importance of how to Write for speech, Project, Breathe and use the diaphragm, to manipulate the ways my voice sounds.

By using this skills learned from this session, I will be less likely to strain my vocal chords. Which will result in me producing higher quality products. When practicing today reading a news piece I noticed a huge difference from my first attempt to the last on. It was great to get constructive criticism from my peers as it allowed me to see where I can improve. One of the things was to project more instead of just reading from the sheet and be more confident. Voice training is key for me to get the hang of as I want to go into broadcast journalism so need to gain better understandings of how to manipulate my voice for the types of stories and target audiences.

I now know what I can do to achieve better sound quality.


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