Reflection on Woodward and Bernstein

Woodward and Bernstein were both responsible for reporting on the Watergate scandal in 1970’s.

The Watergate scandal was political sabotage, of the Democratic National Committee. Wire –tapping and breakings were reported by the Journalists. This was interesting when reported as it became public knowledge of the scandals and the secrets of the political powers.Woodward and Carl Bernstein are two of the more influential and important journalists in the 20

Woodward and Carl Bernstein are two of the more influential and important journalists in the 20th Century. The outcome of both Journalists helped to bring down the US president at the time Richard Nixon and led him to resign in 1974.

Both journalists would not have been able to achieve bringing down the scandal and revealing key information if it wasn’t from an anonymous source. The anonymous source went by the name of Deep Throat. If the real identity was known at the time the source could have faced prosecution and would have been in incredible trouble. He had anonymity for over 30 years, but into 2005 Mark Felt, who was former deputy director of the CIA, admitted he was the Deep throat.

For me as a journalist, I find the past events that have helped to shape journalism and bring down those in power incredibly interesting. If these events happened in today’s society I doubt it would have the same impact as it did in the 19th century. In the session, this was a focus of conversation, what our thoughts were.  The media today has different styles of writing. For instants, truth, misinformation, and pure nonsense. We shouldn’t believe everything we read.

Reverting Back to Original Story (Boxing)

Due to the issues, I previously spoke about in the last blog post. I have no choice in the matter to scrap the traders story and just put all my focus and attention into the boxing club which has just opened. It was a good job that I looked for more than one story as I wouldn’t have had anything to focus on for my assignment.

I know need to do research into what facts I can use for my script and get an idea of what angle I want to take. once I have these I need to prepare a shot list, interview questions, and script for PTC or Voice overs.

Sound Equipment, Techniques and Stratagies

Sound Equipment 

For my assignment, I will be using the Zoom Microphone to capture the sound bites required. I have had practice runs with the fostex and other sound equipments. However, strongly feel that the zoom captures the best sound quality. The Zoom microphone has a lot of pros to using it such as:

  • Portable – smaller then some sound equipments
  • long battery life
  • Capability for high quality professional recordings
  • Can record 2 separate sound waves (good for interviews)

As I am in a wheelchair it also has the advantages of me using the Zoom as it can be difficult carrying around equipment.

Techniques and Stratages

To make sure I get the best sound. when conducting the interviews i want to place the microphone closer to the interviewee. This is crucial as the interviewee is the most important person. They may not be able to redo the interview again or in the time frames required. Making sure that the sound is clear and not hitting the highest points on the microphone as this can make the sound rubbish and overloads the microphone. The interviewer can be dubbed back in at a later date if needed. The location needs to be quiet and where people wont disturb. For instance, In the sound studios or a quiet room.

News Supplement – April (HDM)

First story

The Asda Foundation is hosting the annual Hull 10K, now seventh year running. They are looking for people to get involved all in aid to raise as much money for the Cystic fibrosis charity. The event will take place on 19 June 2016

The route will feature the picturesque marina and quaint’ old town.

All entries must be over 15

For more information go onto the website or call, 02037 952 176

Second story 

Breast cancer seminar

Breast Cancer Meeting, now 8th year running will be held at University of Hull.

There will be speakers of international standing at the event, to discuss and exchange ideas on issues related to the oncology profession. become a part of this philosophy.

The event is on the 23 April 2016 at 8.30 am – 3:30pm If you have interest in going contact to register.

The event is free and Parking is available onsite

Third story

Humberside Boat Jumble

Light stream stadium hosts the first ever Humberside Boat Jumble. This is a dedicated marine market providing new and used items. The organisers have been running boat jumbles throughout the country for nearly 25 years.

The event takes place on Sunday 17th April and everyone is welcome for 10am.

Entry costs just £3.50 per adult and Kids get in free. There also is a free car park on the premises. Pet owners can even bring there dogs as long as they are on lead.



Evaluation on Semester 2 of CATS

Over the last semester we have been introduced to some of the most interesting, important and influential journalists, photographers and photojournalists.

Some of the people we looked at in sessions were:

  • Joseph Pulitzer
  • John Pilger
  • Martin Bell
  • Emily Bell
  • Don McCullin

and Woodward and Bernstein

I also conducted independent research on

  • Mike Brodie
  • Lynsey Addario
  • Ade Adepitan
  • Ernie Plye

and Rageh Ommar

I thought this semester was really insightful and interesting learning about all the different backgrounds and works of these professionals. This is the line of work I want to go into so it gave me some insight to who the pioneers are in the field.

Many of the topics we covered in the sessions and through the independent research, wasn’t what I expected to have learned about. For instance, how the media manipulates its audiences to thinking a certain way. This is because they can show one side to a story. This made me realise that a story never ends at what the media tell us. We can dig deeper to find out more information.

I really enjoyed learning about the lengths each of the professionals went to in order to fulfil their job roles and what impacts they each had on journalism as a whole.

Reflection on Mobile Journalism 

Think 6 ps

  • Purpose – What is the story, what is it I want to produce?
  • Plan – who to interview what multi media do I need to use. Equipment needed. Wifi and editing tools apps in the field.
  • Production – what apps need to be used.
  • Publishing – Make sure wifi is available.
  • Cross posting – what apps can you duplicate the content over. Getting the news spread
  • Position – Maps or geo- tagging could it be useful to project.

To me as a Journalist this is incredibly important to remember as this will help to ensure that I am getting the news out sufficiently, at a fast speed and over many different pieces of multi media. This means the news can be seen or heard by the audience.

Key facts

  • Make sure when filming your phone is horizontal (home button should be on the right hand side) This is because a TV screen is this way. People don’t view things up and down but across. This also helps to capture a wide view of the scene.
  • Make sure the phone is fully charged and any other equipment. Loss of power means the news can’t be published or captured.
  • lens can capture dust and get things on so make sure the lens is cleaned.
  • Notifications can be a pain and disrupt filming so put it on areoplane mode.

Digital Versions of My Sketches

After coming up with some ideas, I then produced digital versions so see how well they came out. There where designs that didn’t look good at all when I produced hem and others looked more appropriate for the task.

The Bad attempts 

Screenshot (10).png

This one looked wrong and didn’t seem to be a brand that would be catchy or remember-able. As I didn’t like the digital version I ruled it out and decided to move on.

Screenshot (9).png

This next design was a complete failure as I tried to create an Additions logo. This used typography as well as a picture. This would not be a brand identity as it is too much and at different sizes will become unreadable and not good at all.

I ruled this one out and decided not to try and develop it further as it wasn’t going to become my brand.

OK Brand Ideas

Screenshot (8)Screenshot (12)

This logo was better then the ones above, however I didn’t feel it was creative enough. It is very basic and not that what people will remember. My design has to be more creative and so that I stand out amongst others. This logo was that what reflects that to what’s already out on the market. Journalist generally just have there names simply done. I want to push boundaries of what is the normal for people in the Journalism field. The second logo with the black, white and yellow is designed that way as these are my sporting colours. In both of these logos i have designed each letter used in Illustrator.

My favourite brand ideas 

Screenshot (11)

This design is my favourite by far. it really reflects me. The ‘C’ and the ‘M’ are made from wheelchair tires. This is key as i am disabled  and not ashamed to represent this aspect of my life. The wheels are symbolic as they showcase my personality. The chair transports me around but I am the individual. some people say they don’t want to be defined as a wheelchair user but I see it that its a part of me and why be ashamed.

This design is the building blocks which i want to work from. I want to make it flow better and to make the ‘M’ a continuous flow. The ‘M’ to me looks to much like the McDonalds ‘M’. This could get me into a legal issue if kept this was so by making it flow better and get ring of the central piece of the ‘M’ will help to make it less like the McDonalds brand. The brief states it must work in colour as well as black and whites. My chosen colour scheme will have dark reds or golds.

Problems Faced

Once all scripts, plans, and interviews were set up to happen, I got the required equipment and support staff put in place for me to go and film the video. I needed to film my PTC’s, interviews with staff and vox pops.

On Monday 21st, I and my assistant went to film at the location. Once we got there we were told that we weren’t allowed to film on the site as it is privately owned by St Stephen. I went to speak to someone at St Stephens and the Guy said: ” The trader has gone too far, his contract was only for 3 months and he has been here a lot longer, we don’t want to comment and we do not grant permission for you to film hear.”, ” we feel that the issue has been dealt with and don’t want members of the public to start commenting again if they see you filming then people will want to know why.”

As I could film meant that my project was not completed. I need to come up with an alternative newsworthy story quickly as time is running out fast. I need to submit something.

Reflection on Subject specific branding

Depending on what part of the creative media sector individuals go in, there brand identity can be influenced a certain way that reflects what they do. For instance, people who work in animation may use a graphic in there logo. Or journalist will use typography within their designs. If you tailor your brand identity to your chosen career then it speaks volumes and makes viewers aware of what field your involved in. it makes it much more personal and gives it a create flare depending on the approach. Some will just use type, some just a graphic and others additions.

I looked at some logos within the creative industry im going into and I found that a lot or even most of them just used text. The fonts were different but to individuals tastes. Everyone I looked at used san serif and serif fonts. These fonts are easy to understand and are well known. None of the brands used swirls or really had to understand details. This is because they get straight to the point and want to make it as user friendly as possible. Colours played a massive role in a large percentage of the brands this helps individuals put their stamp on the text and allows them to stand out above others.

Reflection on Building a Font

Creating  a font can be incredibly simple, I used Adobe Illustrator to create my type. There are many other programmes out there which fonts can be built with. For instance,

  • FontCreator – It is a very popular piece of software. It is an American piece and works on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10. The issue is that it costs to get it starting price is from $69. The website states that it is the worlds most popular font editor.
  • FontForge – It is an open source font builder. I found this challenging to use but at the same time fun.
  • TypeTool – is a expensive piece of software but claims to have a be a professional tool. so, it many be worth looking into if I was to do this area and investing in.

My Font Built in Illustrator

With my font I used the anatomy of typography. I made a serif style as I personally prefer this appearance.