Reflection on 3 types of Visual Identity

Branding is so important to get right, there has to be a thought process behind the chosen design as it is a reflection of yourself. Everyone will make a judgment about you on how you present yourself. So your individual house styles need to be incorporated into the brand.

Many designs are different and may consist of one or more components. These can be things such as images, colours, slogans, words – typography, shapes etc. individual typefaces are so crucial in how you make yourself appear. Some people go for the professional feel and some that are more creative and break the mould.

Having a visual identity can be as vital within your life as humans work best with visuals once they get to know a brand, it creates a brand loyalty and a sense of respect.

There are three main factors when considering a brand identity

  1. Logo (pictures/shapes)
  2. Typography (text/numbers)
  3. Addition (logo and typography together)

When thing about my own branding I want to create something that is fairly simple but not to formal. This is because I really feel less can speak volumes and appear of the higher quality. Formal isn’t me, I’m a student and still finding my feet within the industry. This is something I want people to know as I’m not perfect but is willing to put my all into anything I do. I really enjoy type so think my end brand will have this as the main feature. I am still coming up with concepts so this may change.

Once I have a set design for my brand I would really like to create a series of different styles, different colour schemes and typefaces in general. This is something I want to investigate as I seen how well major companies have adapted there brands. Great examples of brands that have done this are: apple and coca cola.

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