What is a Video Journalist?

What is a Video Journalist

A video journalist does a bit of everything, they tend to shoot, edit and often presents material. they’re assigned a story, have to go out and film it, conduct and do the interviewing, and doing a piece to camera. Then have to edit and send there material.

There are many advantages to video journalism

  1. You’re always ready to capture something. Have your ears open!
  2. You’re in control
  3. You can get into places that you wouldn’t normally get into if you have a crew with you
  4. You can design the stories how you want

and the best thing take the credit when something is of the high professional quality.

What makes a good Video Journalist?

Visual journalists can showcase there personal styles and put there stamp on the type of products they create. This will help the to establish a following and get themselves recognised within the industry.

Video journalist must decide on the angle they want to take and figure out what is the most newsworthy information, they need to get to make there product stand out.

When on location 

They must check equipment making sure it is ready to go, making sure sound is working and that they have a SD card in the camera. If the equipment isn’t check the product will be less gripping and may be a waste of footage, time spent capturing it and a bad piece of work. Simple checks don’t take long and it could make the difference if the outcome is of a high quality or a failure.

capturing a wide range of shots will help later on when editing. it creates options and allows more of a variety. Wide shots, close ups, over the shoulder shots and nodding heads may be important to a piece.


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