Good and Bad Visual Identity

When using branding for logos it is crucial that it is well design and the visually appeal. The thoughts behind the design is also crucial as meanings make something more personable and make people drawn to the brand identity.

Logos are incredibly useful as it is what is remembered by consumers, logos is the driving force that draws people back. Which create a brand loyalty.

Personally, I believe the simpler designs are more professional and appealing. There is a theory that design is going more like the olden days as modern day society seem to over work and design logos. This makes them not as effective.

Even though most big brand logos appear simple, there is actually substantial meaning and depth to them. The history and preferred readings are embedded and it is our job as the viewer to depict the content given to us. Everyone’s thoughts maybe different but its open to interpretations.

Examples of Good visual identities through logos are:


The Apple logo has hidden meanings to when Isaac Newton discovered gravity. The apple falling on his head. The Bite within the Apple logo represents the Gigabit.

The Spartan Golf club logo has a hidden face of that of Spartans face. If you look closely at the golfer and the swinging range you will see. This could be done as Spartans where bold, strong and rememberable.

The Nike tick has hidden meanings of a smile. This makes it friendly, warming and something which will draw people towards. it is also really simple and will be easy to recognise.

The Ferrari logo dates back to World War I. A Italian pilot painted this logo on his plane.

Examples of Bad visual identities through logos are:

The Anthony Byrne logo is a really bad design the typo of the letter A and B. appears to rude. This makes the logo not credible or professional.

The London 2012 logo is a really bad logo. Probably the worst. It looks like a hot mess. The colour scheme is just wrong. When designing the logo they didn’t run basic tests on the brightness of the colours. This meant that it could be dangerous to people who have epilepsy. When I first looked at the design I didn’t make out the 2012. Wolff Olins company are the ones who allowed this to be used.  There where many other possible logo designs that would have been much more effective, identifiable and just more sleeker.


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