Reflection – Interactive Storytelling Software’s

As a part of my current assignment it involves me putting some research to different online sources that can help to create interactive and immersive stories. Some of the different sites I’ve looked at are:


My first thoughts when first going onto the website were positive. The website looked really clean and of a high professional quality. The navigation was simple and easy to use, the navigation and the content makes it user friendly. However, all isn’t great to use the software it has an expensive price of £370. This website/software rated as a really good website to use and one of the best. Lots of professionals use this.

If I was to get the software I could get the special education Klynt Edition available at a much better rate, it would be a one off payment of £36. This is much more accessible for students who don’t have a lot of money. Before buying the software I have signed up to a free trial to see how I get on with it.

After having a bit of a practice on it, I personally thought it was hard, I watched tutorials from the website and this explained what to do in a fairly simple way.


To be honest when going on the Website I was less than impressed. To be honest I don’t feel this is the right interactive storytelling software for my project. It focuses on the video and photography sides of things to create a story. In order to use this software, you have to download it onto your computer which takes time and is not compatible with all models of computers. There was an issue when using my windows Toshiba laptop. It came up with an alert saying that the software wasn’t available. However when using my apple laptop I was able to download it. Once I had I didn’t think much of it and ruled it out to use for this task.


To be honest I was quite impressed with first look. It was easy to sign up to and fairly simple to navigate around. I found it very interesting what the software has to offer, on here you can create a variety of things that include long form, web documents, interactive videos and animated data. This software looks like it could be an option for my assignment however, feel that I would have to spend a fair few hours to get to grips with the software.

Interlude –

This software is limited as it focuses on creating interactive videos. This is not the storytelling software I want to use for my assignment.


This interactive storytelling software is really simple as you can merge the uses of text, music, videos and images. I do think that it is simple and the limitations to using it means that the professional standards are put at risk. This I would use for a much more informal style of work.

Twine –

“Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” I thought that the level of access was great you could download it, for both Mac and Pc or simply use it online. This was great for accessibility. However, I just didn’t understand the software at all it was confusing and there isn’t much guidance on how to use it. I don’t think I will be using this software for my project.

Line – timelines.

Personally I feel this software will be ideal for my assignment as it focuses on creating timelines. My project focuses on Malala and to truly understand her you have to understand her background and what’s happened in her life since.