Reflection – Photo journalist (Mike Brodie)

Mike Brodie

When immersing myself into a website that we where asked to look at, I really enjoyed the work from a journalist/photographer mike Brodie. This is because his work is truly mesmerizing. He was well known for his travelling around the railroads of America. I like how he captures the people he meets around his journey and uses the composition techniques that I as a practitioner try to emulate. I think as he is self taught makes his work even more impressive as he has attention for small details and understands framing and how to create a balanced image. Some of the compositional techniques he uses are that of: rule of thirds, leading lines, depth of field ect. I could look at his work all day as the images tell a story and its up to us as a viewer to try and depict the narrative.

Mike uses a mixture of different photography genres, for instance, still life, portraiture, photojournalism. The images capture a specific moment in time that normally we would probably look over and miss. The fact that he captures these moments helps to open viewer’s eyes to what we could see if we paid more attention to the out side world.

13_021mainlinecrossingescambiabaypensacolafloridaIn this image there is a leading line that draws the viewers attention into the image. This helps give the viewer visual direction (unconsciously) making them scan the picture from the bottom to top. The way the image has been taken is as if the photographer was standing on the track. The image is taken at the viewpoint at low angle so is very close to the track lines the helps to emphasis the sense of how long the track is and makes the image seem like its going on forever. The track seems like it’s getting narrower and narrower as the track gets a further away distance. The lighting in this photo would of been natural lighting as a photographer doesn’t use both artificial and natural in one shot.



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