Photo Journalist (Lynsey Addario)

Lynsey Addario was another photo journalist that caught my attention. The work i have seen of hers focuses on the photography genre of Photojournalism. Also her work mainly focuses on conflicts and human rights issues.

Photojournalism is a technique used to document events that are taking place. This style would commonly be seen in documentaries to give a visual aid to what the documentary is about. It is also seen within news broadcasting for instance: Lynsey captures Syrian refugees and these images could be used to back up what they are saying in the news.

This style of photography is very significant in today’s society as it is a record of some of the most tragic events in time. Most of the photographs are taken in black and white this is effective as it makes the viewers eye see the whole scene rather then be drawn to a specific point.

However, as you can see above lynsey doesn’t follow the direct style of the black and white images. She creates depth in each photo by keeping the colour intensity. She does take images in black and white but in the images above, I believe that these images wont have the same impact if it was stripped of the colour.

To gain a better understanding on her influences and style. I conducted a bit of personal research. underneath, is a book and it real is insightful. I borrowed it from the library and it really is emotive. I would advised others to take a read. There are images inside and explanations to what they are of.

lynsey addario


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