Reflection- Colour in design

When designing a brand it is crucial to get the design aspect of it right and the colours that we choose can make or change a brands meaning. Different colours have different connotations and can represent different qualities. I much prefer the appearance of black/whites and primary colours when designing as everyone understands them and are familiar with them.

Many individuals play around with colour palettes and create a different shade of a colour. The issue with this is that it then becomes about the design and not so much about the hidden meanings.

The different connotations of the main colours that we see are;

  • Black – sleek, bold, rich, power, mystery, evil, elegance, strength and so much more
  • Green – natural, soothing, eco-friendly, balance, envy, jealousy, restful and so much more
  • Red – love, passion, energy, angry, hunger, and so much more
  • Blue – trust, smart, calm, faith, power, natural, stable and much more
  • Yellow – warmth, fresh, optimism, cheer, attention and much more
  • Orange – health, attraction, wealth, happiness, youthful and much more
  • Purple – royal, luxuary, sadness, creative, arrogants and much more
  • Pinks – love, sexuality, caring, tenerness, emotional and much more

Here above shows what colours mean and can also have personal interpretations. Colour is extremly important within the media world, and in life in general. Colours make things visually appealing and stand out. Personally I like the darker tones of colours as they are more subtle. When creating my own design I will explore the different colour tones, this will give me a more indepth knowledge of how it will appear.

In my design I don’t particularly want to have a bright colour such as pink or purples as they are more likely to no fit with my personality and what I want to represent. Pinks are very feminine and I don’t like the way it isolates halve of the population. Also pink colours don’t reflect me as I am not girly. Some of the connotations can be related to me as I feel that I am very emotional at times and caring. Purple colours in my opinion don’t represent me as I hope I don’t come across as arrogant. Also I am not royal and don’t want people to get the opnion of me been stuck up and pompus. I do howver, like some of the connotation with this colour but feel other colours are much more aprpriate of my brand.

For my design identity, I might use a lot of black, reds, whites. The issues with this is that the design will lack in the sense of standing out in the market. I think it give the impression of been of a high professional standard and will look appropriate if I get the font choice correct.

As the brief asks for colour version, I feel that keeping a minimum range of colours is key to success. If colours are too bright that can cause issues and make a product look unprofessional and cheap. Also I need to consider readability as some colours can be issues for people if they are colour blind or have limitations. Red is one of these colours that cause issues for some people so if I do decided to use I will use a dark shade.


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