New Brief for Semester 2

For the new brief, I have to create an interactive presentation on the ‘life of a person that inspires me in Journalism context’. In the brief it states that it can be of 1 of 4 things such as: a presenter, writer, and blogger or an journalist. The end product needs to be suitable for my intended target audience and use immersive storytelling.

In addition to this I will create an offline medium (magazine spread) to represent my online media presence. This is so important for me as a journalist as the way i represent my work represents me. If the product appears sloppy then I will come across as unprofessional and this could damage my reputation.

In order to make the product t a high professional standard I must have a suitable interface design and “look and feel” for the chosen content. My final product should demonstrate  a clear application on design principles using basic navigation and layout techniques.

Mandatory elements shown in the brief

  1. I need to show how I will approach my topic and evidence my research (include a competitors report and my audience target.) Back up my argument of why you have chosen the approach. I must not limit the research to online medium only, I must show evidence of using other forms of outlets, to include books, articles, magazines, national papers etc.
  2. I am required to explore, develop and apply a range of processes, media, materials, practices and/or techniques to produce an interactive media product suitable for its intended audience on the ‘life of a person that inspires you’
  3. Design a print promotional magazine spread showcasing my chosen topic, concentration on the layout and content choice of the intended audience (pictorially vs. editorially).
  4. I willCommunicate effectively using appropriate processes and/or techniques in my group. I will present my findings in a 15 min presentation to the group this will be timed so practice runs will be expected.
  5. I must reflect on the outcome of my work through a written conclusion to be incorporated into my blog and my presentation must be accessible.

Things that need to be included in my blog:

  • Research materials,
  • inspirations,
  • influences,
  • urls
  • Brainstorming
  • screenshots
  • drawings/ sketches

and bibliography.


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