First Session – Introduction

Today was the very first session with a new tutor Emma Massey, she will be teaching us all about video journalism and how we can use it to produce short clips. This session was an introduction to who or tutor is and what she would like us to do.

We were introduced to a app called periscope this is a live broadcasting app that allows individuals to connect and comment on peoples broadcast globally. You can add people and like what they do. Also send messages to the individual.

After having been told what the app does we were asked to produce 2 broadcast of our own and find a original news story by next week:

  • The first broadcast could be an introduction to myself and my course
  • The second one could be on anything of our choice
  • An original news story and where I got it from (not a newspaper story)

Emma gave advice when filming ‘make sure that you film landscape as its the shape of a tv screen’ and ‘Make sure that anything sensitive, photos etc. are not in the video.

All the group was advised to join Catch otherwise the video will only last for 24 hours and link up with other members of the group and watch there broadcasts, also to follow Emma so she can look in and see what we are broadcasting.



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