Another skill practised- Photoshop splatter/ dispersion manipulation

When developing ideas for my info graphic, I wanted to include a skill that I have never practised before, this pushed my knowledge and boundaries. I wanted to show that I can do something different to just the standard layering and adding in text.

I looked at splattering and dispersion of a human as I thought it would work effectively if I went ahead and picked my other idea of including a famous paralympian.

I first of all browsed the internet to find a full length woman in a studio setting, once i found the one I was going to use, I saved it and placed it into Photoshop

The practice image of choice



I have attached a word document with screenshots and the process i went through to create the final image.

When developing ideas for my info graphic

This skill is useful however, I feel that i need to work on this using different brush styles and other images to make my work reflect that of a high professional standard.

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