Things that could have been improved or what I changed

when practising the technique it wasn’t all straight forward, I made some mistakes and improved the quality  of my product because of it. Not all the issues where easily changed in the time-scale given as the process takes a pretty long time when its a new technique that has just been used. when doing this process originally it took me approximately 2 1/2 hours but when creating my headline for my info graph it took me around an hour. this is because i learned the skills first time around and was then able to transfer those skills i gained.

the first thing that could have been done better.

Each letter wasn’t symmetrical in size and width, therefore doesn’t reflect that of a high professional standard. in the image below the issues are easy to see.



After speaking to the tutor he said it would have been better to create individual boxes the same size and make each letter fit the inside boundaries. This would have made my work more consistent and of a higher quality. If i have enough time I will go back to this and make the additional changes. this will be something i take on board when later doing other pieces of typography,






Another thing that didn’t go exactly as plan was the over hang left when creating each letter, this would have definitely of shown up when placed into photoshop. As i noticed this i made sure i put this right. to do this i picked up the corners of the letter using the white arrow tool and moved it to make the points more connected.

illustrator practice at following dave eccles went wrong

As this is only my first real attempt i was happy that i made a few errors as this will help me to understand the process and make my work to reflect that of a high professional standard.


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