Information Graphic Evaluation of End Product

In this assignment, we where asked to create a information graphic on a data topic of our choice. For this I decided to visualise data about the paralympics of 2012. I believe that it is a great topic to pick with a wide scope for different information to be represented.

I really pushed myself with this task learning new skills within a couple of days, It was definetly challenging but worth it. I want to develop and keep pushing my graphic design skills. This I find interesting and would love a job within this field.

I was thinking about the platform, for my data graphic and thought I could do it to fit the poster style. As there where lots of different colours within the typography part and the ribbon of the medal. I wanted to make the stars minimalistic, if colour was used then it would be too much overall. Also the white could also represent the pure talent that individuals have and that that talks for itself.

After using Illustrator and Photoshop, I now feel more confident in the key tools provided. I do need to make sure that I understand the keyboard commands more this will help me to save time and make the process quicker.

Overall, I think my Information graphic looks really eye catching and well thought out.  However, there is  always room for constructive feedback and improvements. To get this i asked others what they thought of my end product.

They believed that it was of a high quality however, there was no mention of it being 2012 Paralympics and that should play a part within the end product.

Another person said they really liked the piece and it looks different to other representations and that no using the disability side of it showcases a different side to the athletes

To make my product that bit better and fulfil the feedback i will add in another type section at the bottom (2012) This will tie it all together and make it that much better.


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