Sketches of how the info graph may look

When developing my infographics, I sketched out a few ideas, once i had around 3 different sketches i then choose which one i liked the best and which i thought would be challenging but at the same time allows me to showcase new skills I’ve developed over the last semester and skills I’ve practiced myself.

The first idea was to pick a really famous paralympians face and embed the data into the face. For instance, the eye to be layer masked with the globe. and other data embed through colours and words.

When deciding key things made me re think this idea, time consuming, visually hard to get the data required into the piece, and what would the readings be from viewers. would they of understood where i was going to take it. After much deliberation i chose against this idea.

My second design was to embed data in different was through typography, layer masking, layering and using lighting. This was to take the idea that all participants where stars and that they all shined, whether they won or lost. It was to showcase the positive things about the competition, in a different way to what as already been done before.

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.41.56

I went ahead with this infographic as i thought it showcased a lot of methods and allowed me to use skills i have learned over the semester or just from playing around with the softwares. I thought this design embedded the data more appropriatly and would get my message across to viewers.

My Third idea was  to take an iconic symbol that everyone would recognise and uses paths to create text around the shape. This would have had the data going around.

When doing practices of this one, i felt it didn’t look visually appealing and didn’t get across the message i was trying to put across. Therefore, I decided not to move forward with this design.



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