Research into Graphic Designers

To gain a better understanding into graphic design i did some research into to current market of who already exists and what style they have. There where Graphic designers that stood out and gave me inspiration into my own work.

Milton Glaser
The reason he stood out to me asny his work is simple but very effective. His New York design is one of his most famous graphics. This has been replicated and changed for other purposes.

I think that simple designs are sometimes much more effective and look much better. if something is over worked then it can look unprofessional and messy.



I also liked the more abstract over the top style, who also exploits colours

Andy warhol is a very important person who inspired some of my designs. He was an artist that was well recognised for his pop art, style of work. He used bold and intense colours to do the talking. His most famous work was that of Marilyn monroe.



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