Reflection of News story 1

This task went really well for me as it allowed me to build my confidence. I rang up Hull City Council and spoke to a member of staff about events or things that are happening to Hull. they where really helpful and give me the lead for the story. This task was really challenging for me as I find ring people up difficult. The only issue I found when writing this piece was I didn’t have enough content so ended up short on the word count. if I was to do this task again I would make sure I had more information then required and then narrow it down by sub editing.

I conducted Vox pops with members of the public to find out there opinions on the topic. this makes the story better as it gives off human insights. I also had taken an image of St Stephen to help with the visual side of the news story. I felt this choice of image was relevant to the story and thought the image was well framed.

Later the same day as I wrote the piece, Hull Daily mail released a article about the same topic. My heart went in my mouth but I guess it happens in the real world.


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