Reflection of my Online News Story

Overall, I thought the topic for the news story was really interesting and would be something I thought the audience may need or want to know. I feel like it was a really had task to do as if feel that my writing skills are not up to the standard I would have liked, the main struggle was making sure that I followed the inverted pyramid technique this means that the most relevant information is placed right at the top and the less significant information for the story to go further down. I feel that with time this will come but more practice is in order.

In the news story I thought I covered the mandatory elements really well as I included a number of multimedia and infographics. I included my own images, a rate system (created on poll daddy), a word cloud (created on and a mini infographic that had key facts and statistics. This news story would have been improved if the NHS press office would give out stats that I asked for, instead they were been a bit difficult in the sense that they stated they wouldn’t provide the information asked for as they want to maintain the NHS reputation. On the phone and over email I did explain that it is a positive piece that highlights the changes and plans to move forward to improve the service. The images taken where of the NHS Hull Royal Infirmary as this are relevant to the story; a gallery was embedded to the news story as it shows different elements to the NHS like where the patient transport desk is etc. As this piece is for online I thought about the techniques learnt over the recent session and took advice on how to get better placed in the SEO as I embedded URL links into the news story. This allows users to click on and get lead onto other relevant websites. I also tried to use as many key and relevant words to make it stand out.

Overall, I am proud that I have something to submit however the task for me was really difficult and need to keep practicing key skills that will help me get to a higher professional standard, the infographics could have been improved if I had access to statistics that where more relevant.


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