Online News Story’s Target Audience 

The story I chose to cover was on the plans to improve the local patient transport NHS services. As the story is local based it makes the target audience for it narrow. This was local news so would only be of interest to people with the area. This topic is important as its about the health service providers.  The target audience for the news story would be for local paper (Hull Daily Mail) has a really broad age range as the language is very simple and easy to read. In my opinion I think people over the ages of 12 would be able to read and get an understanding of the storyline. It is always important that newspapers use the right language to match to socio -ergonomic staues for the audience. It will mean the paper in much more suitable and ultimately means the papers are going to gain a higher viewership. In the Hull Daily mail it uses images and recognisable news stories that people from the area would expect and want to know about.

As this piece of news writing was designed for online, I think that by creating a SEO savvy headline makes this specific piece more appropriate for the online Hull Daily Mail. Also the fact that it has multimedia platforms embedded allows the online audience to get involved and take part. This is important as it gives the audience more of an immersive experience. This wouldn’t have the same effect if it was released in the print platform.


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