News Story for Piece of Online Journalism

In order for me to complete this task, I had to find a story/ follow up. I was given an idea from a general discussion between friends about the hate crime that has happen towards a disabled actress. From this, I used social media to contact the actress.

My thoughts are that i could incorporate the skills we learned through the different online softwares to incorporate Tweets, Quotes and video. This piece will be a follow up of what has happened to her recently, how it made her feel and what advise would she give to people around the world. I will send her an email with a list of questions, this will allow her to give me more information on what I want to know. I could direct quote/ para phrase and get the story itself just from what she says.cherylee

My Attempt at writing a news piece

Coronation street’s own: Cherylee Houston, speaks out about the levels of discrimination still taking place in society 

After, the recent events of Cherylee been subjected to ‘Hate crime, because of her disability’, it left her feeling shaken and angry.

Cherylee was frank with her opinions on the issue surrounding discrimination towards people with disabilities and who she feels is to blame.

The soap star, who plays `Izzy Armstrong’ has had multiple threats over the last few years as some people don’t seem to understand that there are different types, strength and affects, conditions have on the body. No disability is the same.

Cherylee tweeted: “I think it’s heightened a lot since the recent cuts as everyone is bearing the brunt”,

To meet the brief, I have to have an interactive/infographic. By using Polldaddy allows the public to get involved have there say.

After having a discussion with a tutor I came to the realisation that it wasn’t necessarily correct therefore to amend this I changed what my news story was going to be on and thought more about how can this be written from a new angle whilst keeping the mandatory elements of the brief.

My new idea was to write a piece on the NHS patient transport and find out what they are doing in accordance to the bad service patients received over the last year and take a look at how they are going the improve and tackle this issue. I also will include a poll in the news story as it allows the public to get involved and have there say – even add a comments section at the bottom, to get more in-depth responces. I will also include a image taken by myself of a patient transport bus or of the hospital, this gives the piece a visual aid.

My second attempt at the task

NHS plan to improve Patient Transport for 2016

The NHS plans to improve patient transport service in the upcoming year, as the facility provided is not currently providing the citizens with the best and most reliable service possible. Patients can expect to experience a range of improvements, including

  • To gain better information about how to access the service
  • More information on their eligibility for the service
  • A much improved booking process that will help to make things easier and more sufficient.
  • Access to new information on their booking (using latest technology)

And the big issue of trying to get consistently prompt and reliable pick-up and drop-off times, regardless of where they live in the county.

The reasons for the change is because In 2015, many patients who travelled with the service was unsatisfied as they were either to late or even too early for their appointments. Also waiting times to get home after appointments could be up to a few hours, this is because of the demand for the service.  Many people have issues understanding the guidelines to their eligibility. Few having issues as they have to travel alone and not with a family member. The rules behind this are to do with the mental state of the individual.


Image taken by Chelsea R Martin on the 4th January 2016

Gallery –

In a recent press release, Chief executive Chris Long said “admittedly, the care environment that is provided hasn’t been ideal for the patients or staff to work in but our aim is to learn from recent mistakes.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 16.00.37Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 15.57.31

Reasons people may require NHS patient transport

  1. To attend hospital out-patient clinics
  2. When the patient is being admitted or discharged from hospital.
  3. Needing life-saving treatments such as chemotherapy or renal dialysis.

Patient Miss Martin said “I have been travelling with the NHS patient transport for many years; well most of my life, the staff are extremely friendly”

Mrs Mathers went on to say “My daughter requires a lot of help and has lots of appointments. Over the last few years the NHS Patient Transport service, stated that because she was mental health, she could travel with the transport on her own and that I would have to find alternative ways to meet her there, therefore she had to travel on her own. I wasn’t happy as she is disabled and requires personal aid for other needs she has”

How do you rate the NHS Patient Transport service?

In the attachment below is a word document that I wrote the news story on, i have added comments to the different pieces in the article explain why used and what it brings to the article.

nhs news story with comments

I noticed that it still needed improving using the hierarchy system for most important information, therefore it was re shuffled around to make it more professional looking.



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