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Permission granted for St Stephens to expand car park 

A new 258 car park has been approved on empty land near St Stephens’s shopping Centre. The council has let out the land to a private parking company which intends to use it as a pay and display site.


This image was taken By Chelsea Martin


The land that will be turning into a car park is situated near the back of st Stephens, formally where the old Hull Truck Theatre was.

There were arguments for and against the plans to go ahead and applications where filed to try and stop the developments from happening.

As there where a lot of different people for the plans to go ahead it meant that permission was granted.

The aims for the Carpark is to build the amount of people able to do shopping around the areas around the City Centre. An allow for the demand for people who are coming into Hull or those who are already in Hull.


map of the hull area

Public member, said “I think this is a perfect opportunity and will benefit the town during the events like ‘The City of Culture’

Another member of the public said “Car parks are a crucial thing for members in our city many people work is in town and there is never enough parking spaces, there is a real demand. However, it depends on the cost of the car park as people don’t like to pay much. This could be an issue that the company should think about as they want to gain and not loose out”


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