Semiotics Comparison

In a recent session the group looked at two different newspapers. The ones in which we looked at where The Sun and The Daily Telegraph.

These both follow different type faces and language. This means that they are about to represent who they are and create a following of people based on the socio economic status and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory explores what individuals require and what they need to be satisfied. The Suns has a much more simple type face which involves easy language, puns, lots of images and a manageable amount of text.


On the front cover instantly we see the style of the headlines, a pun was used ‘The illegals have landed’ which is a connotation of film ‘The eagles have landed’. When the group looked at this headline and at the image we came to the conclusion that the Sun could be giving the refugees a comparison to an army or a flee. This paper is much more informal to other newspapers, but has a large reader/viewership because it main stories style targets (sports, gossip, celebrity, and popular things readers are interested about.



The Daily Telegraph is a much more formal high quality broadsheet. This would be more for the middle class demographic. It has fewer images, less colours and a lot more text in a small type face. On this headline it is ‘Duchess joins Chinese president for taste of British culture. Straight away it sounds more formal, with relevant key words to the story, no puns. The image used shows a more positive side to the story with the ‘Kate Middleton and the Chinese President ‘happily smiling and seem to be getting along fine. The background is red this could be seen with connotations to love, power or the china colours.  Another significant thing is that the BAFTA award is seen in-between the two. The BAFTA is an  independent charity that supports, develops and promotes the art forms. This could symbolize the best of what Britain has to offer.


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